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Stress Management:

A personal development course

Khitthit Academy Goes Live

Easy online access to courses and live webinar sessions. Fun & productive way to enrich your knowledge and find out more about applied psychology and wellness.

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Learn with AHFA

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A uniquely online applied psychology and wellness course platformKhitthit Academy is an educational initiative by Citta Consultancy.

We make it both fun and easy for people to enrich their knowledge about human psychology, and personal and community wellness throughout the ages and across the country.

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သင်ယူရန် လော့ဂ်အင် ဖွင့်ဝင်ပါ

“Very knowledgeable and time saving. It is very useful for my job.”

 - Student's feedback from "Counseling for Relationship" course - 

“Thank you so much for referencing some resources. I will look through these and find some tips to use.”

 - Student's comment from "What is Love?" course - 

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